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Hank Learning


「在我短暫的求學生涯中學到一件事…越是認真的鑽研,就越會發現人類的能力是有極限的…— 除非超越人類!!」


About this site

The human brain is not good at remembering scattered information, and it will gradually forget what it has learned over time. In order to surpass humans, we need a good note-taking system to assist us.

  • A way to quickly jot down transient ideas or thoughts
  • Writing can help reinforce the information
  • They can be shared with others, facilitating collective learning and collaboration

I write content and organize thoughts using Obsidian, which I believe is the most powerful tool for creating a digital note-taking system. This website is for sharing a part of the content, which is automatically created by a script I wrote to convert the markdown files into the Docusaurus docs format. Here is

and .